Ride Report: 08.03.11

This has basically been a series of shorter rides and errands.  What it has not been is a nice long ride on the weekend, despite the nice weather.  Instead I opted to complete a few projects around the house to maintain the peace.

Next week we’re off on a vacation/trip, with no riding.  Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things when we return.  The summer has gone fast!

I downloaded and started reading The Paleo Blueprint.  I don’t buy into the whole gene modification thing at the beginning, but it does seem to reinforce the whole Atkins/Taube approach to diet.  What caught my interest were the references to exercise as well.  BTW, I first saw the book referenced on Rivendell’s site.  My weight loss is currently stalled, but mainly because I have not been able to stick with the diet.  It’s difficult when you live in a house full of carboholics!

Distance: 13.7 miles  2011: 986.1


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