Ride Report: 07.27.11

‘took a nice evening ride through Wellsville, then up to Dillsburg and back down to Rossville.  The high cloud cover kept things a little cooler and created a beautiful sky.  I should have stopped to take some pictures, but I kept telling myself it wasn’t the right spot to pull over.

I”m becoming more aware of that point when you’re cruising along and you sense the need for a change in power application.  It’s usually a brought about by a hill or change in grade.  Depending on a number of factors, you either shift down and spin more, apply a little more muscle for as long as you can keep it up without blowing up, or come out of the saddle for a short burst.

The Trucker usually demands a downshift and spinning.  Riding that bike requires a consistent cadence that leverages the momentum.  Lately, because of what I think is some increased fitness, there are times where a little more power while spinning in the current gear gets a positive response, the bike picks up speed, and the momentum keeps the bike moving.  Almost never does coming out of the saddle produce anything good.

The X bike, on the other hand, has a much lower threshold.  A little extra power results in a sense of acceleration – most times.  And coming out of the saddle will pull the bike up a short hill without the need for a downshift; at least until I get to the top and need to catch my breath and allow the lactic acid to disperse.

I’ve never weighed either of these bikes, mainly because I’m scared to find out just how heavy the Trucker is with all the goodies I have mounted on it and carry in the Pendel.  And common sense would dictate that I should ride the X bike more because it is easier.  But that logic doesn’t account for just how darned comfortable the Trucker is.  One is like driving a truck powered by a diesel with a wide torque range; the other is like driving a sports car with a high revving turbo.

Distance: 29.2 miles  2011: 972.4


One response to “Ride Report: 07.27.11

  1. We do tend to have our favorites in bikes don’t we. One bike in our stable is our #10 striker.

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