Ride Report: 07.26.11

‘took a break from watching the Phillies to go out on the X Bike for a bit.  I’ve decided that I really need to give the drop bars a chance and see if taking some shorter rides, but more often, might help my neck “adapt.” 

First was a quick spin around the area, and once it started getting dark, I just did laps around the neighborhood.  Since the only light on this bike is the PB Superflash, I pulled out my camping/headband LED, which provided just enough for cooling down mode.  It just isn’t bright enough to trust for anything faster.

I need to see about replacing the middle and granny rings on this bike.  Right now it’s 48-34-22; and the jump from big to middle is too much – plus the granny is too small.  I think I have a 26 ring tucked away somewhere, but I’d like to find a 40 or 42 middle.  I suppose I should really sit down with a gear calculator and see what makes sense.

Distance: 10.3 miles  2011: 943.2


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