Ride Report: 07.20.11

Once the sun went down, the heat dropped off a bit and riding felt fine.  One of the things about riding a bike:  there’s always a breeze.

Nothing special about the ride other than it was great therapy after a very stressful day.  Otherwise  it would have gone in the sucky column.  While the evening was cool(er), I still had to suffer through three well baked deer/roadkill.  I can usually hold my breath long enough to get past them, but there were two within 50 yards of each other along Lisburn Road = yuck.  Then the bugs were also out in force, but like I said, this was therapy, and it worked.

On the stress side, I have to vent.  My daughter is working one of her jobs in the city with me this summer.  Yesterday she went to the ‘loo and left her phone on the sink counter.  An older lady picked it up, and called me later to say she had the phone and we could come get it…in Lancaster!  Then, she wouldn’t be home last night, and wasn’t planning to return to Harrisburg any time soon. 

Add to this that my daughter is taking an on-line course this summer and last night she was to have an exam; and guess how they take exams?  Yep.  The prof calls on the phone and the test is verbal.  (It’s a Spanish course.)

Why she didn’t just turn the phone over to someone in the building…But…I am going to be nice to her and try to get the phone back today.

Toodling around on the X bike here and there has me thinking that I might convert it to upright bars also.  After riding it, the Trucker feels like…a truck.  A comfortable truck, but not nearly the zippyness of the lighter frame.  I’d like to be able to take the X bike on some of the longer rides without my neck getting stiff, so something like On One Mary knock-offs are in order, but I’d also like to keep the barcons.  Basically, upright bars with a slightly less back-angle than the A-bars.  I’m open to suggestions.

Misc. Miles: 4.3

Distance: 17.2 miles  2011: 883.5


5 responses to “Ride Report: 07.20.11

  1. Your bike like might dorky……but what I did since I can’t stretch far enough to use drop bars any more is I put a set of BMX bars with a 4 inch rise on my bike.

    Something like this….


    Yeah, pretty dorky looking, but at 51 years of age….I’m past the stage where I care about what other people think 🙂

    • Thanks George. What I’m really looking for is a pair of bars with some sweepback, similar to the Albatross I’m running on the Trucker. I just don’t want quite the angle that they have – more like some of the North Road models or the On One Marys.
      With me, I still have the back flexibility, but my neck gets sore on long rides and/or I end up missing half the sites.

  2. I’d say moustache bars like I have on my commuter because I love the variety of hand positions, the outside of the bar is nearly as swept back as other bars, and you could still use barcons. You can even flip them to get a slight rise. Only problem is the design keeps the hoods about as far forward from the stem as a drop bar and I see you already have a short/tall stem installed.

    • I’ve been thinking about moustache bars. I had a set on the Marin for a while, but found my hands going numb after 20 miles or so. That could have been from having them too far forward, and thus putting too much weight on them. With M bars, I wouldn’t need to change the brakes or shifters. I’ll need to think about it more. thx.

  3. I have a pair of Nitto m-bars laying around someplace in my pile-o-junk. You can borrow them / try ’em out if you want.

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