Ride Report: 07.16.11

It was great to get back into a nice long Saturday morning ride.  ‘was looking for something around 50 miles, and decided to do the “Mount Holly/Carlisle Loop” because I figured I’d see a lot of roadies out on such a beautiful morning.

Film at 11!  I had to pick up some stuff at the hardware store, so I walked down at lunch and found what I needed.  A supply of these was lined up on the counter, and the owner proceeded to tell me how great it worked.  It didn’t seem like something you would have a conversation about in front of a crowd, so I discreetly moved it over with my parts and paid the extra $6.00.

I started running into roadies around Grantham.  I was grinding up a pretty steep hill when I heard two behind me and caught a glimps in the mirror, but while they were close, I dropped them on the next hill.  This surprised me because I was in some pretty low gears just grinding away.  Eventually I turned off onto the Gettysburg Pike while they kept straight on Lisburn.

The roadies were out in force once I got over to Williams Grove.  I even tried to catch one along Park Drive, but it was a silly thought.

Took my first break in Boiling Springs on a park bench along the lake.  I could have sat there for an hour then turned around for home, and it would have still been a great morning.

There was a lot more traffic turning north from Mount Holly to Carlisle, but that part of the route goes quickly.  I was curious to see the bike lanes in town.  Not too impressive.  With the on-street parking, one still has to ride out in the remaining lane to avoid the door zone.

Still…it’s progress.

Turned for home without incident.  I stopped for a short break and to re-apply some powder at a quiet spot in the outdoor garden at Ashcombes.

Misc. Miles: 2

Distance: 52.3 miles  2011: 862

Now for the Monkey Powder…  I think it will help by absorbing sweat and thus quieting down hot spots, but I waited too long to re-apply.  It was a hot day, and I think I probably should have taken a break around 30 miles, rather than 43.  Also, I rode harder than normal, so I’m sure that had an effect as well.  I’ll keep on using it and give an extended use report later.


2 responses to “Ride Report: 07.16.11

  1. Since I have a motor on my bicycle…what I enjoy doing is to get about 100 yards behind a group of roadies (so they can’t hear my engine) and follow them….they almost always speed up to see if they can drop the “fred”.

    It takes them about 10 miles, but they eventually blow up and I speed by them going 35 mph…..

  2. That’s just evil, George. hee hee

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