Ride Report: 07.07.11

This was a warm evening ride at dusk, with no particular place to go.  It’s a little tougher to now just go out and ride for the sake of riding without really having a goal.  With Saturday mornings, I can pick a point on a map, and basically tailor my ride around reaching that location.  With a shorter evening ride, the challenge is to get out of “goal mode”, and just enjoy the experience and get a little exercise.

I ended up going over to Lower Allen Park and checking out the campsites.  After surveying all three, Site #3 is definitely the winner – most spacious, most private, and has the nicest layout.

All of the sites have a nice view within a few dozen feet of the Yellow Breeches, where there is a small amount foot traffic from fishermen.

I’m going to check out what the costs and reservation requirements are, and then plan on an S24O for later this fall.  It’s only a 6 mile ride from the house.

Add:  It’s $10 for a non-resident, reservations made 48 hours in advance: (Link)

Distance: 19.8 miles  2011: 780.5


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