Ride Report: 07.05.11

When I left the house, it was 91F, but the temps were dropping and it was otherwise a beautiful evening.  I took a nice ride out to the campus, puttered around a bit, and then came back in Siddonsburg Road.

A little unusual, I came across two groups of roadies that appeared to be either taking a break or waiting for stragglers.  Both times I waved, and managed to get some sort of half-hearted response.  With them on their carbon and aluminum steeds with extreme aero helmets and florescent Tour-inspired kit; and me on my upright steel monster, red bandana, and polo shirt… I was reminded of the opening scene from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

Bring’em on.

Distance: 22 miles  2011: 760.7


One response to “Ride Report: 07.05.11

  1. That’s funny……since I know most of the roadies around here-they all wave when I am motoring by on my motorized bicycle 🙂

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