All Cleaned Up

Nothing makes a bike shift crisper than a good clean and lube.  All the little chatters and slop just seem to disappear.


5 responses to “All Cleaned Up

    • yupper! It really wasn’t looking that bad, but I’m always surprised at how much smoother everything feels after I get out the degreaser, rags, and brushes.

  1. Just cleaned 6 months of commuting gunk off the 1×7 last weekend and I have to concur. It really helps!

  2. I’ve got over 4K on this drivetrain. I suppose I should have the shop go over things this winter to see if I need to replace any parts. All the teeth look good and the cables have been replaced… I don’t sense any chain stretch…but just to be safe.

    • 4k is really good, especially if that’s the same chain! My trucker is ready for a replacement once it starts shifting sloppy. The last time I tried to replace the chain it didn’t mesh with the cogs in back.

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