Ride Report: 06.25.11

Redux.  After spending some time comparing Route Sheets and maps, I was pretty much able to figure out where I had gone astray last week on my ride to Spring Grove.  Part was my fault with not following the cue sheet well; and there were/are three instances where road names change and it was not detailed on the cue sheet.  That led to missing turns and usually leading to a hillier route.

So with all that cleared up, I headed out once again southward.  The original intent was to find a suitable route from my house to Codorus State Park as a follow-up to last year’s S24O, but now my goal is to just get there without getting lost.

Rolling past the Warrington Township Park, there were a lot of cars with bike racks and WorldCup Cycles had a tent set up.  ‘turns out there was a charity ride going on, but after talking to the organizer, I realized that I would pretty much miss the crowd.

This shot is near Kralltown, and those clouds on the left are bugs.  All through the morning there were sections of the ride where it was advisable to keep your mouth shut.

There was one instance where I almost took a wrong turn, but stopped to recheck the route sheet and realized this was a turn.  Given the great weather and wonderful vistas on these back country roads, it was easy to get distracted.

Not far from Route 30, I came across a small horse show.  We have friends who are into horses, and it’s intriguing how many women are part of this sport – far more than men.  I stopped here to rest my legs and enjoy a banana.

Once below Route 30 (which is a pain to cross without a traffic light), the terrain is hillier around Spring Grove.  Since my riding for the past two weeks was limited to these long Saturday jaunts, I was starting to feel it.  Additionally, I swapped saddles from the VO Model 8 to the Brooks Champion Flyer Special to see if it would have any effect on comfort.  The goal for the day was 50 miles, and the turn around point was near the Spring Grove Middle School.  I stopped for a rest, some food, some pics, and spent some time watching a young man and his father work on pitching.

While I love the looks of the Brooks Champion, it really didn’t make any difference.  The leather is softer, but the short rails have the position forward enough that I feel the difference.  The VO, while gradually changing shape, is hard as a board, but just a tad more comfortable. 

I suspect that my issues are more from the shorts that I am wearing.  The cushioning is basically a thick pad of open-cell foam, and it acts like a sponge with moisture.  So on longer rides on hot days = soreness.  Some research is in order, and maybe some wool/chamois combination.

This guy caught my attention on the way down, so I had to stop and take his picture on the return trip.  I would think it either weighs two tons, or it has to be bolted down.  Otherwise, it would disappear in a heartbeat.  I didn’t see any cigar signs.

It looks like another week where my chances of getting on the road are slim; and the holiday weekend is booked with activities.  I feel like I’m actually moving backward with my fitness level at the moment.  Still, any ride is a good ride.

Misc. Miles: 8.6

Distance: 50.2  2011: 702.1


2 responses to “Ride Report: 06.25.11

  1. I don’t think I’m the only one reading a lot more into the paragraph beginning, “Not far from Rt. 30”. You should read it again with an open mind. It’s very funny. Unintentionally I’m sure but still….funny

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