Ride Report: 06.18.11

Spring Grove, due south, was my destination.  I never made it because I got lost a few times.  ‘Mostly my fault for not following the cue sheet closely and just assuming that I knew where I was going.  Other times I swear that the roads were not marked. 

Fortunately, mostly from getting lost before, I know the basic lay of the land and recognized road names enough to get back on track, and ended up just outside of Spring Grove before turning back.  This usually came at a price…hills.

On the way there I ended up coming across both some sort of organized road ride (I was going the opposite way, of course), and then a running race.  I think the same thing happened to me last year.

I really need to carry a map as well as a cue sheet when I go on these excursions.

In other news, I’ve been having an issue with my sit bone region on these longer rides.  I think what is occuring is that the chamois in my shorts covers the soft bits in the middle, but doesn’t reach out far enough to cover the sit bones.  Eventually the heat and the moisture take their toll, despite a coating of vasiline, and I get sore.  There isn’t a saddle sore…yet; and the very localized discomfort usually wears off after a few hours rest.

So I’m thinking either trying different shorts with a wider chamois area, or maybe going back to my Champion Flyer saddle on the LHT for a few rides to see how that feels.  Or I could just ride the X bike more.

Misc. Miles: 1.5

Distance: 52.8 miles  2011: 653.3


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