Ride Report: 06.06.11

Mapping out my week and figuring what nights I could ride, Monday stayed open even though I was still a little tired from Saturday’s ride.  But I had a pretty stressful day on the money front: the truck is in the shop and the bill will be big, the tractor is in the shop and the estimate was so big that I told them no, and my daughter forgot about an additional Spanish textbook that she needs for an on-line summer course.  Add that to getting estimates for a new roof on the house, and the thought of getting on my bike and riding off into the sunset had quite an appeal.

So touring pace (aka “slow”), and the ride helped me sort things out so that I felt better both mentally and physically the further I went.  Did I mention how much I love riding a bike?

This is a scene on Mill Road out behind Grantham:

Later on I passed a “suspicious” car sitting at an intersection with three young men suffering from severely blood shot eyes.  My radar came up, so once past them I unzipped my camera and powered up.  When they caught up to me, the young man in the back felt the need to comment quite loudly about my possible sexual orientation. 

In response, I steered into the center of the road so as to be visible in the rear view mirror, leaned over the bars, and snapped this picture.

Recognizing the opportunity to memorialize the moment in film, the driver attempted to impress me and his passengers with the amazing amount of acceleration his mother’s car was capable of.  I waved as they raced down the road, and did not see them for the rest of the ride.

Distance: 23 miles  2011: 518.4


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