Review: Bell Citi

I’ve had the Bell Citi helmet for almost a full year now, so perhaps some comments are in order.  I picked this helmet up during a Nashbar sale last summer for about $40.  I still see them on sale now and then, but usually they’re an unusual color scheme or an odd size.  I think they still go for around $50.

I have another Bell helmet that I used before this, but only sparingly.  It sat too high on my noggin and it doesn’t have many vents.  It just seemed easier to grab a ball cap or a bandana than mess with it.

The Citi, on the other hand, has changed that.  I seem to be wearing it all of the time, unless I’m just goofing off in the street, riding a rail trail, or if it’s really hot and I’m having an issue with sweat running into my eyes.

So that’s probably my only real criticism… that there needs to be a larger, and possibly removable sweat band.

I’m also not crazy about the flat black/reflective pattern, but that’s probably why I got the helmet for only $40.  There is no winter kit, but if its that cold, I opt for one of my balaclavas anyway.

On the plus side: it’s comfortable and it sits down on my head the way a proper helmet should.  It’s readily and easily adjustable.  It has a fair amount of vents.  I like the fact that the back is round and not some aero/fin shape, and while the brim is quite functional, it also adds just the right amount of geek factor.

So I don’t have a lot of other helmets to compare the Bell Citi to; but I guess the tale of the tape is that I wear it more, so it’s good. 

Thumbs up.


3 responses to “Review: Bell Citi

  1. With all my anti-helmet-nazi-ism, I’ve often been tempted by the geek factor of the Bell Citi and Metro helmets. In yellow.

  2. I always look for the City helmet whenever I’m in a bike shop. They are pretty scarce in my shopping areas.

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