Ride Report: 06.04.11

Connect the dots. 

Two of my favorite rides are: Going out through Wellsville to York Springs; and riding out through Grantham to Boiling Springs and Mount Holly.  Thanks to a comment from Bone, I realized that I could take the J2 State Bike Route north from York Springs and pick up the connection home at Williams Grove.

Using RidewithGPS.com, it looked like there were a few hills, but nothing unpassable, and all told it would come out at just under 50 miles, which is what I was looking for.

The weather on Saturday morning could not have been nicer.  I started with shorts and a double layer of shirts, and peeled down once I got to York Springs.  Speaking of which, I found a back route into town that only requires a little less than a quarter mile on Rt.15.

Down my way, I’m not that impressed with the State Bike Route.  It passes over roads with no berm and a lot of blind turns, so I tend to avoid that area on my rides.  Here, taking Route 94 towards Mount Holly for a few miles, the berm is about two feet on a 50 mph highway, with rolling hills.  Fortunately, you can get moving fast enough on the downsides to have pretty good momentum for the upsides.

The route is well marked to make the turn northeast, and grind a pretty steep climb.  But once you make the top, it’s worth it.

For miles all around, all you see are green orchards.  This is backcountry Adams and York Counties, so the roads are narrow, but lightly trafficked.  The hills continue to be rollers and twisty-turny; but the weather and the views, command a “touring” pace so as not to wear oneself down.

This was new territory for me, but as I got on South Mountain Road (broke my rule about riding on roads with the name “mountain” in them) I started to recognize things.  A few years back one of my soccer teams played several matches at a complex I passed. 

Looking at the map and road names, I also suspected that I would pass the house that my family lived in when I was born.  Turning on to Camp Meeting road,  I was so into the flow of the ride that I almost rode past it before recognizing it.

It’s strange how the place looks smaller than I remembered it being at 6 years old.

Not far from here I picked up Route 74 despite the only wrong turn logged on the cue sheet from RidewithGPS.com.  Minor stuff.

I stopped at Ashcombes to rest my legs and eat a snack.  I picked a spot in the shade next to this truck… obviously should have had four wheel drive.

A few miles later I took another break to watch some kayakers enjoying the day.

And a few miles after that I pulled into the driveway, pleasantly surprised that my bike computer mileage and my cue sheet were matched within 1/10th of a mile.

This was a near perfect ride, and put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Misc. Miles: 6.5

Ride Profile

Distance: 48.2 miles  2011: 495.4


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