Ride Report: 05.30.11

I had no idea where I was headed until I got to the end of our neighborhood and turned left.  That meant east, towards the river, and then south.  So…York Haven to Manchester, to Emigsville; back to Manchester, over to Strinestown, and then slog it up the Susquehanna Trail for one of the longer climbs in the area.  I had not been down this way in quite some time.

It was a bit muggy, and the sweat was running into my eyes after 10 miles or so.  I stopped and traded the helmet for a bandana.  I paid for that later with some sunburn on the top of my head.

As I pulled into Manchester I was greeted by several fire cops blocking intersections.  A few blocks later I realized that they were throwing me a parade.  I fell in with the Marching Bobcats, and was reminded of that scene from Easy Rider where Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda have the same experience…

Eventually I had to say my good-byes and move on to Emigsville.  Just after the turn to head north I found a nice patch of grass in the shade and munched on a Red Delicious apple – pure heaven.

Just south of Strinestown I had to portage across a makeshift gangway where they are replacing a bridge.  I’ve found that even though the road is closed, they usually have some kind of crossing that a bike can get through.

The bridge over the Conewago on the Susquehanna Trail was replaced last year – a much bigger effort.  It’s a glorious bridge, but unfortunately it doesn’t make the climb up to Newberrytown any less steep or long.  That is one tough, slow climb.

Made it home just as the bike thermometer was hitting 91F.  Whew!

Distance: 29.8 miles  2011: 441.7


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