Ride Report: 05.14.11

Choices.  Kinda wierd, but I actually had to stop and think about which bike I wanted to take out for a long ride.  The Trucker brings a comfortable meandering ride with the idea of stopping every few miles.  The forecast was questionable, so the lights were a factor, and there’s a bit more storage for rain gear and/or food.  The X bike brings lighter weight for more of a training-type pace.  The route I was planning had some hills, so climbing was a factor.

Ultimately, the X bike won out because I was a little hesitant about a temporary fix I did on the Trucker seat post.  Since riding the X bike, I’ve come to realize that I like the seat pushed back further (I have longish thighs.)  So I pulled out an old post from the parts bin that has a better setback for the Trucker, but the setting is stripped.  Even after roughing it up with a hack saw, it would still slip and tilt the nose up more than I liked.

So a drill, two metal screws, and a screw driver gave the post a permanent setting, but I still am not sure just how strong it is; and having things fall apart miles from home was not a pretty picture.  (I have since ordered a post with a long setback.)

Coffee, breakfast, ride!  Climb the hills to Pinchot, cruise through Wellsville, and take a pee break around 10 miles.  I was on Route 74 when I spotted this opening in the woods, and just may have discovered a great stealth site:

It enters into an open area where it appears there has been some digging going on, but not recently.  There are two roads (one is more like a path) going into the woods.  I need to return and explore some more.

North to Dillsburg.  As I’m coming off of Baltimore Street and over to York Road, I end up in the middle what looks like a charity road race.  I stop for a short break, but don’t talk to anyone.  As I head out of town a cop directing traffic yells over, “Now that’s the way to win a 5K!”  I laugh and move through.

Coming down into Rossville, I sense the rear wheel getting a little wobbly.  At first I think it’s just me; but a half mile later it’s on the rim.  Break number three, just as a tandem passes and waves – one of the few other bikes I see this morning. 

The Panaracers fit the rim nicely, and I’m able to swap out the tube with no tools.  I find the hole, but don’t feel anything in the tire that would have caused it.  The new Zefal pump gets inaugurated as well.

Back on the road.  Home before too long and ready for the rest of the day.

Misc. Miles: 5.3

Distance: 31.7 miles  2011: 333


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