Ride Report: 05.09.11

There were no volleyball matches or other obligations last night, so I took advantage of the sunshine and pulled out the LHT for some velo-therapy. 

Our church softball game was the first stop.  The team was losing, but not without a fight.  They have really improved over the years, and if they can get some more “power” hitters, I think they will eventually be pretty good.  It’s hard for smaller churches to field teams that can compete in the same league with the mega-congregations.

After a short rest, the next stop was along the Yellow Breeches to watch the fly fisherman.  Despite the cold water, they are out in force:

This was the first I had taken out the LHT on a longer ride since re-habbing the X bike, so it was interesting to compare the two over distance.  The immediate impression is that I need to somehow get the seat back further on the LHT.  I have further set-back on the X bike with the Titanico saddle, and it is definitely more comfortable.  I might be looking to try out a VO post or something similar.

The weight of the bike was also noticeable, but not prohibitive.  It’s hard to guage, because I’ve lost a good bit of fitness by not being able to ride that much, but I also need to factor in my weight loss (18 lbs. so far).  The heavier bike isn’t hard to ride, but that bike requires downshifting and spinning, rather than just coming out of the saddle and pushing.  Whatever extra weight the bike brings is countered by not hauling around the extra weight around my waist.

I’ve been curious about GPS lately and how it could be useful on a long tour/ride.  One of the issues is how to keep the units charged up.  On a whim I have purchased a used and possibly non-functional Tout Terrain “The Plug.”

Working off of the dynamo, it provides a charge via a USB plug.  What’s unique is that it mounts in the steerer tube – out of the way.  That’s where the possible non-functional part comes in, because the seller botched things up and may have broken the wires.  He never did get it together and working. 

So I’m going to toy around with it and see if I can’t get it to charge.  Apparently you need a buffer battery for some items to work properly, but I don’t have any items other than my non-smart  cognitively challenged phone, so no big deal.  For $8.00, I’m willing to tinker.

Finally, I’ve really been feeling sorry for myself at how my time has been monopolized for the last six weeks.  Not being able to ride has me cranky.  I like going to these volleyball matches, but then it seems like there is always something else coming up to fill in what free slots I have.  Even looking out several weeks, there is always something…  I don’t know how others manage to get out for long rides, tours, and even S24O’s without somehow sacrificing family life.  It’s frustrating, and I get tired of thinking, “well maybe next month…”

Misc. Miles: 3.6

Distance: 20.4 miles  2011: 296


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