Ride Report: 04.19.11

With a slight break in the weather and a rare free evening, I took the X bike out again for a quick spin.  It’s wet everywhere, with signs of the flooding and erosion all over.  Signs are bent sideways, driveways and gulleys are washed out, and there are piles of ruined possessions lined up on the curbs for the next trash day.

The Yellow Breeches was back below it’s banks, but just barely.  There were indications all over that the water had pretty much flooded the road and the neighboring fields.  I suppose we’re fortunate that there were no deaths in our area from all of this.

The forecast for the next week is …wet.

I got home just as it was starting to get dark and the rain returned.  Thank heaven for fenders and Koolstop brake pads.  The bike continues to feel good, although I worry about neck discomfort kicking in on longer rides.  I stopped partway into the ride and raised the saddle about 3/8″.  I sense being able to get a little more power out of my legs; and it puts the saddle an inch higher than the bars now.

Distance: 20.7 miles  2011: 230.5


2 responses to “Ride Report: 04.19.11

  1. I like that you can see a bobber hanging from one of the trees in that shot.

    Hope your flooding doesn’t get worse. Stay safe!

  2. That particular stretch of the Yellow Breeches has some sort of national designation/recognition for it’s trout fishing. Typically the area is full of fly fishermen all kitted out.

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