X Wrenchin’

I spent about two hours last night working on the X bike.  Both sons have outgrown it, I’ve run out of things to currently tinker with on the LHT, and it bothers me to see the bike sitting.

My thoughts are to start with the parts bin and put as much of a lighter weight fast tourer together as I can.  I use the term fast tourer because it currently looks like a brevet bike, but I doubt it will ever see one.  No racks, but drop bars, fenders, and a Carradice Barley.

I’m going to try the Bontrager drop bars off of the Trucker, thinking that the shorter top tube on this bike might make the setup more comfortable than when it was on the LHT.  If it doesn’t work out, then I might ultimately look for some upright bars like a pair of On One Marys.  But that would also mean new levers and shifters, so I’m not in a great hurry.

Everything is pretty much together, but I need to tape up the bars; and I want to swap over the Grip King pedals for testing.  After using them for so long, the smaller Dimension platforms seem odd.

It will be interesting to see how it works out, given my obsession with an upright position now.  I’m also curious about running narrower tires (32’s) given how it seems if anything, the local roads are getting worse.  In the words of that great sage…We’ll see.

Pics to follow.

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