Ride Report: 04.03.11

For some unknown reason I wasn’t feeling that great on Saturday – just kind of achey and stiff, even though I hadn’t worked out in any way since Monday.  Whatever it was it got out of my system by Sunday evening, so a ride out to Grantham was in order.

It was a nice evening, but you could tell that rain was moving in – the air had that feel to it and the cloud cover was getting thicker.  Still, it held off until I was five miles from home, and then it wasn’t too heavy.

As I was going through an older village, I spotted a sign on an old house with the peoples’ last name and “1637.”  It’s common for some of the older homes to have a date on them around here.  It was only a half mile later that I had a “wait a minute” moment; and then realized that 1637 was the address.  Had it been 1837 I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

This weekend was the opening day for trout season, so there were plenty of fly fishermen out and about; and I rode past a herd of nine deer that were pretty skittish, but still let me go by pretty darn close while they watched every pedal stroke.

‘Got home just after dark with a mild rain.  Still…great night for a ride.

Distance: 23.6 miles  2011: 154.7


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