Ride Report: 03.28.11

I remember when I was competing with rowing how I would often wait on a breezy day to right before dusk.  As soon as the sun goes down and the air starts to cool, the wind also fades.  That would smooth out the water and make training conditions ideal.  It wasn’t until many years later that I realized that most races were held under crappy conditions, and it made sense to start training under crappy conditions.

Still, yesterday was chilly and breezy, and my choices were to do an intense interval workout on the rowing machine in the basement; or to see if the wind would subside and get out on the bike.  Sure enough, watching the stand of evergreen trees across the street, the wind let up at 7:30.

I did a loop out to Bowmansdale, and pushed it a bit.  There was more traffic than usual, but only one car felt the need to pass me on the crest of a hill.  Shame on him, because he had to get quite a fright from the on-coming truck.

The air was brisk, but a medium weight wool shirt under my jacket, and my merino balaclava did the trick.  I also used a new pair of Wolverine watershed leather slip on camp shoes over a pair of thick wool socks; which seemed to work fine as the temps approached freezing.  I had specifically bought the shoes on clearance for biking, but also found them handy around the house when taking out trash or bringing in a load of firewood.  They have an aggressive tread and I sized them big for the thick socks.  This is the first I had tested them in colder weather and it looks good.

Other than that, it was a good night for a ride!

Distance: 18.3 miles  2011: 131.1


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