I Just Can’t Help Myself

What can I say?  As much as I might tout the greenishness of my bicycle riding, it all comes down to me being a consumerist pig.  I like cool stuff, and I am a certified gear head, and when I get my mind stuck on something, I gotta have it.

But I am partially redeemed!  Recently I cleared out a bunch of unused bike and camping gear through the miracle of Ebay.  With my Paypal balance burgeoning, assisted by the spare change jar on my bedroom dresser, I have ordered a pair of Swift Industries Short Stack panniers in Waxed Canvas, and pretty much broke even.

A picture almost identical to what I ordered…(It’s protected so I can’t grab it.)

Why Swift?  I wanted external pockets.  I wanted a way to carry tent poles without strapping them to the frame.  I wanted them deep enough to carry both a compressed sleeping bag and larger pad, and then some, inside.  They’re water proof – no need for yellow rain covers.  They have quick lock buckles rather than leather straps.  And I really, really like the classic look.

Yes, they were expensive.  More than I probably should have spent.  And they will probably outlast me by quite a few years.  But it’s an addiction and I just can’t help myself.

I hope to see them in about 2-3 weeks…and yes, I am looking through the garage, basement, and shed for other stuff to sell.


8 responses to “I Just Can’t Help Myself

  1. I can’t believe you. This is completely unacceptable. You need a pair for the front, too.

    • Well…we need to come up with a trip long enough to require more stuff to fill a pair of front bags with. Any ideas? (I actually thought about selling my Dan Post snakeskin cowboy boots that I haven’t worn in 20 years.)

      • There’s a distinct possibility for a very hot 5-day tour in northeast Arkansas this June. You’re welcome to come along. 😉 Other than that, I may be able to drop the kiddos off with the in-laws in Mercersburg. We could come up with a loop from there (or elsewhere, for that matter), perhaps including part of the C&O.

      • The Mercersburg option has possibilities. I’d need some major points built up on the home front to pull off the Arkansas trip.

  2. I love those. If I were in the market for a high-end pannier, I’d definitely consider those. Great choice!

  3. Can you really fit a sleeping bag in there? Nice overall, though. I picked up some Axiom Cartier panniers last year and they’ve been very handy…

    • Ben, the Shortstacks are 15″ high, without using any of the additional webbing that allow you to overstuff. My Lost Ranger in a compression bag is just over 15″, so I expect it to fit right in, along with the pad, and a little extra room for some clothing.

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