Rear Rack

I picked up a used Topeak Expedition rear rack for the LHT.  I like the front loading configuration, but it’s a bit wonky at slower speeds and a bit strange with the loaded grocery panniers, which tend to flop around a bit because they are not as secure as “regular panniers.”  Most of all, I wanted a bit more room for carrying gear.  I’ll continue to use the Blackburn front racks if I get into a multi-day trip.

I’ve had my eye on these racks for a while.  They’re made out of a heartier stock aluminum tube compared to the typical Trek style, and they have that lower cross member on each side similar to a Tubus that not only adds some structural strength, but allows mounting the panniers lower.  That way, they don’t interfere with the saddlebag, plus they are at a lower center of gravity.

I still need to re-route the wiring for the rear light, which mounted right up to the rack (European spacing!) without a hitch.

Last night I was playing around with panniers and compression sacks, figuring out the best way to mount stuff.  It still needs a little dialing in, but I think it’s going to work out fine.

BTW: Does anyone know of a frame mount bottle holder that will accomodate a Nalgene?


2 responses to “Rear Rack

  1. Hey, Doc. In case you hadn’t seen them, here are the photos showing how I ran the wiring on mine.

    Topeak has some adjustable cages to match that snazzy new rack of yours.

    • Perfect! Right now I’m carrying two regular bottles full and the 32 oz. Nalgene with the Steripen filter empty in the pannier. It didn’t make much sense to take up so much room with an empty bottle. I wonder if PP has them or can get them?
      I’m going to run the wire up the rack support like you did. Thanks for that link.

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