The Best in Tent Camping Review

I had some Amazon gift card dollars remaining, and was curious about this series of “Best in Tent Camping”.  There is no Kindle edition, but I was able to get a used copy for less than $10.  The Best in Tent Camping: Pennsylvania: A Guide for Car Campers Who Hate RVs, Concrete Slabs, and Loud Portable Stereos (Best in Tent Camping - Menasha Ridge)

The author details 50 campgrounds where the majority of them are in state parks.  Already being familiar with a few of them, I’d say that his write-ups are pretty accurate.  He goes so far as to recommend which specific sites within the campgrounds are best and why, which can be pretty handy if you’ve never been there and are reserving a site on-line.

What I like most about the book is that it has provided a little more information on sites that I was curious about, but didn’t have a whole lot of information.  Because of the descriptions, I find myself mapping out trips to Pine Grove Furnace (may do a day trip first), and Pine Creek Gorge with a stay in Leonard Harrison SP.  There are other sites off of the beaten path that I’m also curious about.

I noticed that the rates are somewhat dated, so I recommend checking on-line before planning any stays.

It’s not the most exhaustive list of camp sites, but for the price, I think the book provides some basic insight on some of the more obvious places to visit.  I give it a thumb’s up.

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    • ‘not a candidate for a 42’ RV towing a Cherokee with a canoe on top, eh?
      Of course, then there is the other extreme…Bone with his remnant sheet of Tyvec and a few sticks that may or may not be laying around the campsite.

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