Bodum Travel Press

I got turned on to french pressed coffee last year and have been hinting for months that a press would be a good gift.  I got one for Christmas that works well in the house, and then this one turned up for my birthday, which is going to be perfect for camping.

It’s the first press I’ve seen that doubles as an insulated travel mug.  You can press your coffee, add whatever, and then sip from the top.  It also slides perfectly into a water bottle cage, so carrying it along with the fixin’s inside should not take up any extra room.

I had been looking at metal ones, where you could heat up the water right in it; and also the GSI Personal Press, which is insulated but has a separate drinking mug.

My test mug involved using my backup stash of drip grind and the hot side of the local water cooler.  It worked great with just a minimal amount of blowby, which was probably my fault.  Rather than stirring the grounds in I gave it a shake, plus the drip grind is smaller and the powder made its way through the screen.  I have a bag of press grind at home.

So now I can keep this one in the office and plan on bringing it home for camping trips.  Bodum travel press – thumbs up.


2 responses to “Bodum Travel Press

  1. I got the GSI one for Xmas. It works pretty well. This year’s S24O’s should be well-caffeinated.

    • Yup. We’ll be watering the grass all about the same time in the morning. I like the fact that the insulated units can also be used for cold drinks, so they should prove pretty useful. I’ll probably still carry a stainless mug for other drinks.

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