Job Security

It comes as no great revelation that both the City of Harrisburg and Pennsylvania State Government are facing tough economic times.  Rougher roads lie ahead as elected leaders face hard decisions concerning cutbacks in services and obvious downsizing of programs that will lead to employee furloughs.

Working within the realm of human resources and manpower planning, plus having three kids that will be entering the job market, I have been researching careers where it appears there is a better than average degree of job security.

This has led me to conclude that there are two fields of expertise where holders of these positions will never fear layoffs:

First are the men and women who assemble and disassemble the scaffolding and wooden partitions around the nekkid statues on the front of the Capitol Building.

These cats are always busy.  I never looked close, but after twenty six years of being a career bureaucrat and passing by this artwork almost daily, I’m guessing they must be carved from Ivory Soap.  Every other week it seems there is some maintenance, preventive maintenance, repair, planning for repair, adjustment to repair, or repairing the previous repair; that needs to be done.  And before any of that can take place, we need scaffolding.  Given prevailing wage and that fact that this is the Capitol Building, I’m guessing some of the Caddy’s and Crown Vics parked out front are actually owned by the scaffolding guys.

Next up are graffiti artists.  Not the talented ones that tag railroad cars, and not the ones that feel compelled to deface otherwise clean walls with gang related markings; but these guys are far more insidious:

Utility Workers. In broad daylight, these hoodlums demonstrate an unmatched boldness in their ability to take a spray can and scrawl unrecognizable hieroglyphics just about everywhere.  Most notable, if some big project has just been completed and is new and shiny, within days it is marked up for the next great project.  Whether or not that project will actually occur is questionable, but at least it is marked…just in case.

I’m going to continue this study and post further job advice.  If you become aware of similar opportunities, feel free to drop a note as a public service.  Let’s create “One Job At a Time!”

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