Ride Report: 01.01.11

I wasn’t able to pedal a single mile in December.  My schedule and the weather just were  not on my side.  That being the case, and a short spate of climate change; I did manage to get out for a short ride on the first day of the year. 

At 48F, it was even warmer than what was forecasted, although a bit on the cl0udy side.  I seem to remember a very similar ride on New Years 2010.  I got a merino balaclava for Christmas, which did a great job at keeping my head and face warm without sweating.

Basically, I just toodled around the Lewisberry area, taking in a few sites.  Of note, as I was coming in Siddonsburg Road, I came up on a farm house where I noticed a lot of cars parked.  I figured the remains of a party from the night before.  As I got closer, I noticed that there were three or four Prius’ among what I would call “compact” cars.  Nothing wrong with that, just unusual for these parts.  As I passed the house, I saw four people in the back yard with instruments, looking very much like a bluegrass band.

It took a few seconds to process, but I decided that I would check it out closer and maybe ask if I could sit and listen.  But when I turned around and got back to the house, I saw two other guys on the front porch, and one had what I thought might be a bong.  It could have been a champagne glass, and I didn’t smell that smell, but I figured it best for me to just turn back around and go on my way.  Sometimes it’s best to have an invitation.

I ended up at Silver Lake to check out the ice and watch the ducks.  After about five minutes they warmed up to me.  I think they might have been expecting food.

Eventually I made it home and watched some football.

Distance: 10.8 miles  2011: 10.8


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