Zippo.  With temperatures looming in the 20’s, wind chills taking things down to the single digits, and the holidays right around the corner; I have exactly 0 miles so far in December, and it will probably end that way.

Last December was cold too, but I think I did a little riding.  This month has seen me doing a lot of wood hauling and splitting… and carrying it in the house.  Our house is a bit drafty, so the wood stove is having a hard time keeping up, and the oil furnace is kicking in far too much for my likes.

Squirt finished up her finals and came home late last night.  She’s officially a junior – credit-wise.  The courses are hard, but at least she now appears to have a sense of direction.

With one Governor on the way out and another on the way in, things are really busy.  I’m planning some vacation time between Christmas and New Years, and then things are going to get even more busy.  It will force me to plan riding time.


One response to “Nada

  1. Well, you know, some people enjoy riding in the cold/snow/ice, and some don’t. Nothing wrong with that. I hope you manage to get out a little bit, at least.

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