Repair Day

I’m using some more vacation time this week, so it’s no surprise that I get up the other day to find an extensive “honey do” list to get the house ready for the holiday festivities.  Between cleaning this, scrubbing that, fixing bits here and there; I managed to affect a few repairs to my own gear.

First came the tire/tube.  Definitely flat.  Cleaning the layer of crud all over the bike is going to have to wait a week or two.

The other project involved fixing the bowl/liner on my Primus stove.  I think I cracked the bottom of it this summer by trying to force everything tight without really making sure it was properly nested.  It’s a tight fit, but if you don’t have it just right, something has to give.  The weakest link was the base of the plastic bowl.

I called the dealer,, to order a new bowl, and they referred me to Primus.  The North American distributor offered to replace it for free, but then called back to say that the bowls were out of stock and I’d have to wait.  I applaud their service, but it’s been a few months, and I prefer a bowl that doesn’t leak.  So…

I first tried some Gorilla Glue, but soon discovered that it won’t set up on the smooth teflon surface.  I cleaned it off using some GooGone (love that stuff but boy does it dry out the skin on my fingers). 

Next thought was a charm.  I pulled out the soldering gun and lightly “ran a bead” on each side, and presto!, a good seal.  Back in business.  Hopefully you can see the repair after the pic is uploaded.


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