Ride Report: 11.12.10

Because I had a few days off and had put a pretty good knock in the chore list, I decided to treat myself to a longer ride.  I was thinking about heading west, but then the idea of a trail ride on the HRT hit me, and south it was.  I put in at Brillhart Station and rode about 20 miles south into Maryland.

It was a brisk morning, 38F when I started, so a wool shirt, cap, and gloves, with tights were the order of the day.  Eventually it warmed up to 63F, allowing a switch to a ball cap and mesh gloves, and I probably could have lost the tights.

The leaves had all browned over and most were down.  It made the scenery a bit different than usual, and it was cool being able to look further into the woods and see some of the features beyond the trail.

There wasn’t much activity on the trail – an occasional walker/hiker.  Then around 11:00 I started to notice more bikers.  Not alot, but maybe a small group every few miles, especially from New Freedom south.

The trail gets more rustic once into Maryland; I really like it.

At the turnaround point a bit below Freeland, I was getting hungry enough that a Powerbar tasted good.  After a short rest on a bench, I shot this self portrait:

On the ride back, I noticed an unusual phenomenom of old men with long scraggly white beards either hiking or biking.  I suspect there is some sort of elvish plot in play, but they seemed friendly enough.  It was just weird…noticing four of them in the course of 20 miles.  I didn’t take any pictures so as not to draw their suspicions.

As I was climbing the grade to the state line I felt sluggish, like my legs were heavy.  I attributed it to being out of shape, but as I got a little north of New Freedom, looking down I saw that my rear tire was losing air.  I pumped it up once, then stopped a few miles later and changed the tube.  Later I found a small hole causing the leak.

Around Glen Rock I stopped again to talk to a guy on a new Trucker – the bright blue.  Nice guy.  He seemed more fascinated with my older bike with the wooden fenders and the Albatross bars than he was willing to talk about his own bike, but I got out of him that he bought it from Pedal Pushers and he rides with the Harrisburg Bike Club.  But I was behind schedule, and had to push on.

I should also note that I rigged up a little camera bag on my stem using a Carradice strap.  Now the camera is more secure and I can get to it quicker, although the old thing takes several seconds to power up.

Made it back to the truck by early afternoon and felt like I had achieved success: a nice long ride to clear the head.

Distance: 40.4 miles  2010: 1138.9


One response to “Ride Report: 11.12.10

  1. Looks like a very enjoyable, quiet ride away from traffic. Lovely!

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