Ride Report: 10.23,24.10

I ended up taking two shortish rides this weekend.  The weather was fantastic and I wish I could have gone out longer, but there were just too many other things going on.

Saturday I rode some back roads through some horse farms and came across a “Tack Swap.”  Of note was the fact that all of the customers were women.  This intrigues me because it seems that most horse-related activity are dominated by women.  In fact, I don’t know of any men that are in to horses, but I know lots of women who ride.  If I were giving advice on where to meet women, horse farms would be on my list.

I forget who told me, but when talking about daughters and dating, there advice was to get them involved in horses – it buys y0u a minimum of five years before they start thinking about boys.  Fascinating; and true.

Sunday felt like summer again and I got out for a short evening ride.  After a very cool close encounter with a bunch of deer, I came across a flock of these guys.

They look like grouse, but they are much bigger than I remember, and blue/grey.  My guess is that they are half-tame, but were skittish about my presence nonetheless.  This shot was from about 100 yards with full telephoto.  Anyway, cool scenery for an evening ride.

Distance: 26.5 miles  2010: 1078.8


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