Ride Report: 10.19.10

Isn’t funny how you can feel sluggish all day from not enough sleep the night before…you don’t really feel like riding but you convince yourself that you need the exercise…so once you get out on the road you feel great and ride twice as far as you had planned?

That was my ride last night.  As I approached the first turn I decided to go out a bit further and the result was a nice ride after dark, with the temperature around 50F – just warm enough to still wear a pair of shorts.

Gear wise, there are two changes.  I picked up a VO Model 8 saddle after testing the one Scott had loaned me.  Now every leather saddle, Brooks and Anatomica, that I have ever bought required break-in, but still had some flex right out of the box.  The VO, however, was hard as a board.  After this ride, it had formed ever so slightly, and even being as stiff as it is, it is still comfortable.  Because one sits more on their butt than their soft parts, coming up out of the saddle for a little blood flow really makes a difference.

I also moved the quick release hack from the Brooks Champion over, so I can swap out the bags pretty quick.

The other change was the seat post.  With all of the fiddling of late, I must have stripped the grooves on the Kalloy, because I’d set it at just the right angle, and then discover that it had shifted during a short ride.  I pulled it and cannabalized the Sugino off of the Cannondale, and it’s working fine.  Right height, good angle, right diameter, good setback – perfect.  I imagine it will be a bit more robust because of the anodized finish.

As for the ride, the near full moon made it delightful.  Had I stayed out longer I might have caught some of the meteor showers that they were calling for.  There were skunks about, but not close.

As I was tooling up Moore’s Mountain Road outside of Lisburn, I spotted a light in my mirror.  Single light = motorcycle; but no sound.  Plus I could see from the blueish glow that it was an LED lamp; I don’t know of any motorcycles that have them just yet.  Within 30 seconds a roadie comes up behind me and we exchange pleasantries and quick glances.  Just as quickly he is well ahead of me, so I couldn’t tell if he was running a dyno hub or battery kit.  Still, the light was putting out a nice beam.

Back home just in time to put a few logs on the fire, and I slept like a baby.

Misc. Miles: 5.8

Distance: 19.3 miles  2010: 1052.3


2 responses to “Ride Report: 10.19.10

  1. I finished in the nearly-dark last night too and it was really wonderful. Like you, I was tired and almost didn’t ride, but I ended up being so glad I did!

  2. I experience that feeling almost every morning at 5AM. It’s getting more difficult with the colder weather. But as you say, once we start riding, everything falls into place.

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