Say Wha???

These are the english servicing instructions that come with a VO Model 8 Saddle, in their entirety:

“It suggests applying some leather polish to it for the maintenance and increase of grease in the leather, which could prolong its service life as well, after being dried by breeze, in case of exposed to strong sunshine, rains, or moisture.

At the beginning, a new leather pad will show up a little hardness, but, gradually it begins to be formed resulting from the user’s hip that is tending to be soft and comfortable, and finally it may be tightened to your favorite flexibility by wrench when it reaches a certain softer.  Please put waterproof cover on it when it’s raining or not using, as well as being ready for anti-dust and anti-moisture in order to increase its service life.”


2 responses to “Say Wha???

  1. Rather disappointing …

  2. Engrish is never disappointing. In fact, Engrish, is my primary motivator for buying foreign goods.

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