Ride Reports: 10.09,11.10

Despite fighting a mild cold, I managed to get in two lovely rides over this extended weekend.  Saturday morning I got up and did a loop around Pinchot to inspect the foliage.  Because the lake sits in a valley and gets limited sun, I can usually expect the leaves to turn a few weeks ahead of the rest of the area.

(click for Bigamy)   As you can see, they are starting, but not by much just yet.  This week will bring back some cold evenings, so I expect to see more color.  Many reports are saying that we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much because of the lingering effects of this summer’s heat/drought conditions.

Distance: 17 miles

On Monday I wasn’t feeling that great and planned on a shorter ride, but once I got warmed up I felt much better and kept on going a bit.  I headed out to Grantham and then over to the campus just to putter around and explore some of the lesser used athletic fields. 

Grantham is not really a college town – it’s more like a neighborhood.  And while Messiah doesn’t really have much of an off-campus housing market, you can still tell which houses have students by the number of bikes sitting around in the yard.  There is usually a healthy mix of box store mountain bikes, beach cruisers, some old Schwinns, and occasionally one worth stopping to inspect.

For both of these rides I was using a Velo Orange Model 8 city saddle borrowed from the Sloth.  At this point, I’m pretty much sold on it for comfort.   It suits the upright position perfectly.

Distance: 26 miles  2010: 1027.2


One response to “Ride Reports: 10.09,11.10

  1. The autumn colors can be spectacular.

    The beer cans in the windows are also a good indication of student housing.

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