Ride Report: 10.02.10

We had a busy day planned, so I got up early, dressed a bit on the warm side, filled up a thermos cup of coffee, and headed west.  I knew my daughter was probably sleeping in, but I went out to Messiah College, rode around a little, and stopped to watch a women’s softball game.  Far more intense than our church league…

After finishing my coffee, I came back along the creek and stopped to take some pictures of the new setup: (click for biggish)

This addition is a nickle-plated keyring inserted into the bar mount on the end of the stem.  It works great for keeping the brake cables in a proper line.  I also replaced both shifter cables and 5mm housing (at the proper length)so I can really tell the difference – the shifting is buttery smooth.

I spotted this little mirror on Ecovelo, and Alan told me that it was a Busch and Muller product.  A quick call to Peter White, and I had one in two days.  It’s not as big as the old Rhode Gear, but far better made than the Bell that I had, and very good “optics” – highly recommended.

Here is a better shot of the rear Tektro V-brakes.  They continue to impress me.  I think with the tight clearance, though, if I were starting from scratch I would use the low profile pads from Koolstop.

Finally, while making little adjustments here and there, I discovered that my Crank Bros. multi-tool has a Torx driver.  I don’t know if I’ve ever needed one for a bike, but I could have used this on my truck, my daughter’s Saturn, and my tractor.  These type of fasteners are popping up more and more.

Misc. Miles: 1.4

Distance: 23 miles  2010: 962.1


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