Ride Report: 09.25.10

In order to test the shorter stem that I picked up last week, I opted to take my favorite route along the Yellow Breeches.  It has plenty of flat, smooth pavement; but also mixed with a few light climbs, a great longish downhill, and some twisty-turny stuff.

While things seemed better as far as the reach, I still found myself putting my hands on the tops, not quite all the way out to the hoods.  It seems strange to suddenly have this being an issue after three years, but I prefer to have the bike dialed in as best as possible for a combination of comfort and distance riding – which really go hand in hand in my book.

The other issue I noticed is that the steering is squirrely with the shorter stem.  The bike doesn’t hold it’s line as well, especially on the long downhill.  So I think the verdict is to try the other bars.

Elsewhere on the ride, I stopped to take this shot:  It’s a treehouse/fort made up to look like a ship’s crow’s nest.   The property is for sale, btw.

Misc miles: 2.8 

Distance: 18.2 miles  2010: 917.4


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