I Did It

Saturday night I took an hour and swapped out the bars.  I figure I can always move things back, but I want to try this for a bit to see if it is something I really prefer.  Switching the handlebars like this really is a daunting change because the whole “character” of the bike is now different.

Both patients prepped for surgery:

The Cannondale is now “bar-less.”

No, this is not a Sheldon Brown creation – I wanted to get a feel for the height/reach before moving over the shifters and cables.

Cutting the last cord.  The shifter cables are too short, so I’ll be taking care of that later this week as I get things dialed in.

Since I had to take off the leather wrap to move the shifters, I decided to apply them to the new bars.  After three years they had taken on the shape of the other bars, but pulling and tugging them, and making them very snug helped to reform them.  Since I intend to replace the shifter housings, I’m going to stay with taped grips rather than cork.  I’ll put down a layer of innertube, and then a layer of cushioned tape over that.  Definitely more comfortable and I won’t destroy a pair of grips if I need to change the components for any reason.  This shot is just of tape only:


2 responses to “I Did It

  1. Are your bars the 54cm aluminium or the 56cm CroMo?

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