Ride Report: 08.22.10

Oops.  I did it again!  (What ever happened to ol’ what’s her name?)

Did a steady pace into what seemed like a constant headwind over to Wellsville, then Dillsburg, then Rossville, then back into Lewisberry.  It was cloudy and threatening when I left, but the sky soon cleared and I was surprised at how hot it got for so late in the afternoon.  I was also pleasantly surprised at my pace coming back on Old York Road.  While it has good pavement, there are some steady grades that require some lower gears.

As for the oops:  I was coming in close to home along Twin Ponds Road.  There is a really good downhill that is just fun to blast down.  It is fairly steep, has a gentle turn, and an intersection near the bottom with the other road having the stop sign.  As I was going down the hill, I thought I heard an unusual sound, and I remember thinking that something might be wrong with the bike.  As I went through the intersection, I heard something again.

At around 45mph, you’re ears can play tricks, so I kept on going; but about a 1/4 mile later I decided to reach around to my pack.  Rats.  The camera had bounced out of the side pocket, which I had not secured so I could get to it quickly.  I turned around and headed back up the hill.  There was a family walking and they told me that a car had actually stopped, picked up the camera and yelled, but I was long gone.  I found the memory card and the batteries on the road.

When I got home, I also discovered that my pair of perscription sunglasses had slipped out of their case and were gone.  Given the skies, I had packed my jacket and a tee shirt just in case of a downpour and laid the glasses on top.  When I stopped to buy a chocolate milk in Dillsburg, there was no recycling bin; so I stuff the bottle in the bag also.  That must have created a gap under the cover big enough to allow the glasses to slip out.

Its a bummer, but not a big one.  Since this is the second time I’ve lost a camera, I’ve made it a habit to buy cheap ones.  The memory card is actually the most expensive part, and I think that will still work.  My guess is the camera might not be working given how hard it hit.  As for the glasses, they are an ancient perscription which I need to have updated anyways.  If I kept wearing those sunglasses, I would probably go blind.

So no great loss.

Later in the evening we were flipping channels and came across “The Flying Scotsman.”  It’s a surprisingly good bike movie, although I don’t think I could ever be a track racer.  In rowing, we used to do a workout on the ergo called “an hour of power.”  Besides the general pain, they were incredibly boring.  I can’t imagine riding a bike at full speed around a track for an hour.

Distance: 32.1 miles  2010: 798.4


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