Ride Report: 08.17.10

After an evening of car shopping, it was pretty late.  (No real prospects)  I had a choice to either descend into the basement and spend some time on the rowing ergo like I did the night before, or try to get out on the bike.  I opted to just do some easy laps around our neighborhood loop. 

.6 miles, or just under a kilometer.  There is a minor climb – just enough to justify downshifting by one gear.  Around and round, following the beam of the Cyo.  Roughly 3 minutes each lap, each time looking over at our cat, who is taking far to long to die of kidney failure, sitting outside on the driveway.   Eventually, I have to go in and get ready for the next day.

Pure boredom, but at least I’m getting in another workout.

Distance: 6.9 miles  2010: 741.3


One response to “Ride Report: 08.17.10

  1. What’s your budget? I can keep my eye on stuff down here in York. I had 3500 bucks to spend for a used car and it took me 2 months to find something decent.

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