Ride Report: 08.14.10

So far this year, Saturday mornings have typically been consumed with house projects or other activities beyond my control.  This Saturday, however, I got up early, had a cup of coffee, and snuck out before any distractions could change my plans.

I headed west.  While I want to keep mixing up my destinations and explore new places, I’ve resolved that more of my rides for the rest of the year will return to Cumberland County.  I want to explore some potential campsites, stealth and otherwise; and since I know the roads better, I want to get more miles in without the aggravation of not having any idea where I am.

I took a short break once I got out to Messiah, where I decided to take a picture of someone taking pictures…  When I pedalled in I could hear the child, and I thought he was being uncooperative for mom and dad.  But after I sat for a moment, I realized that this kid was having a ball.  They were all walking up the hill as I was leaving, and when the kid saw me, he started waving wildly.  How can you not wave back at that.  I’m guessing they are going to be some fun prints.

When I got over to Williams Grove, I was so into the scenery, like the guy doing yoga along the stream next to the trailer park with the very loud neighbors; that I neglected to notice the detour signs. Half a mile down the road I came to a sudden halt: Bridge replacement.  I pondered my options, considered walking across the deck, and then found this little portage bridge on the other side.  It was about a three foot drop to the walkway, but no problem.  A short walk through the woods and I was back on the road in a few minutes.

It wasn’t long after this that I started seeing other bikers.  This didn’t surprise me since this area seems to be roady mecca.  I had two groups pass by, but when I turned onto Creek road, I realized that I was again in the middle of some sort of race.  Individual bikes were moving fast, and I spotted the “numbered calfs”, indicating that it was the bike leg of either a tri or bi-athelon.I was so proud of myself for not picking up the pace, that I actually stopped and investigated a potential stealth site that I had been thinking about.  No luck.The sign leads me to think that they have had some issues, and are on the lookout for anyone trespassing.

Further down the road (after being waved through an intersection as part of the race)  I checked out a more promising spot, behind a baseball field.  It’s a great spot, although possibly a little too exposed.

You can’t see the site from the road, but the walking trail is new, and from a different angle, there is this well-prepped soccer field.

It normally wouldn’t be an issue, but fall soccer is already starting and I’m guessing this field could see some early matches on the weekends.  Bummer.  It might be just as well, since that’s a fairly busy rail line in the background.

On to Boiling Springs, where I found myself again in the middle of the annual triathelon.  I had to fight the urge to follow the volunteers waving me into the finish area where I could claim my medal; so I opted to find a park bench and partake of my second favorite past-time: people watching.  This coffee place does quite the business, and today benefitted from some out of towners for both the triathelon and what looked like a kid’s fishing tournament on the lake.I sat and ate my Powerbar as runners came by one by one.  Some looked pretty tired, but most looked happy just to finish.  After a bit, I mounted up and rode to Mount Holly and back, and then headed for home.  Lots of yard sales, lots of farm stands.  The break from the heat has brought people outside again.

Misc. Miles: 2.1

Distance: 49 miles  2010: 734.4


2 responses to “Ride Report: 08.14.10

  1. Sounds like a fun ride — your LHT looks phenomenal!

    • Thanks. I sometimes toy with the idea of picking up another bike, most recently a good deal on a Ramboullet frame; but then I go for a ride on the Trucker and realize I’ve got all I need with this one.

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