Ride Report: 07.15.10

Our lawn tractor broke, and I suspect the prognosis is bleak.  That hasn’t stopped the grass from growing though; and since Son#1 is away at camp this week, I finished up three nights of mowing our lawn with a little push mower last night.  After the first night, my legs were really tired from not walking much, but by the second night I felt much better, and hardly felt it at all last night.

Since I was already dirty and sweaty, and there was time left in the evening, I opted for a short ride to return to cycling.  I basically rode up Space Highway and came back along Silver Lake.  My butt was a little uncomfortable from being out of the saddle so long, and this morning my hamstrings were tight.  Other than that, it was a pretty non-descript; although thorougly enjoyable, bike ride.

In other news, someone on the Surly list mentioned a route mapping site for GPS that I was unaware of.  RidewithGPS has now replaced Bikely and MapMyRide as my favorite, and is under the Bike Maps link.  It runs off of Google maps like the others, but seems easier to navigate, automatically produces free Cue Sheets, and has all the bells and whistles of the others combined.  I don’t use GPS, so I can only imagine how it works for that.  Check it out.

Misc. Miles: 3.2

Distance: 9.2 miles  2010: 607.4


3 responses to “Ride Report: 07.15.10

    • Cool! Did you map that out beforehand, or did you just upload the route from a saved file that you recorded from the trip?

  1. I used an Android app called MyTracks to record our trip to Codorus. It can export .gpx and .kml files.

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