Ride Report: 06.19.10

I gotta start carrying a map.  I got out early Saturday morning on my Codorus Route quest, using a cue sheet mapped out from Veloroutes and Google maps.  I found some new back roads that looked promising, and seemed to have fewer hills.  The cue sheet is probably a little too detailed, but accurate none the same. 

The ride was not without some excitement, though.  Around Conewago, I found myself in the middle of a bike race, or charity ride, or maybe both; but I was going the opposite way.  That had them all confused, but you think all of these roadies would have put two and two together and realized that the old guy on the touring bike who was wearing neither lycra nor helmet was not part of their gig.  It was humorous nonetheless.

Then, still minding my own business, I find myself in the middle of a road race.  It really had a Forrest Gump kind of vibe – just stumbling through history.  Not really knowing what to do, I figured I’d take some pictures to blend in:

A little further out and I rode past the third trash fire of the morning.  I guess with the light wind, a lot of people were burning off brush that they had collected over the spring.

I gradually made it down to Route 30 and climbed this very steep hill towards Spring Grove.  Once I got a little passed the top, I stopped for a snack in the shade and decided to turn around.

Everything went well as I headed north, figuring I was going to get in between 45 to 50 miles, and get home before it got really hot.   But trying to read my cue sheet in reverse, I took a wrong turn and got lost.  I found myself on a familiar road, but couldn’t tell which way I was headed.  I ended up back-tracking, only to find out later that I was headed in the right direction…and then I got lost again…

I ended up in Dover.  It was hot, I was out of water, and I was getting tired.  So tired that I almost called for Red to come and bail me out, but a resurgence of pride and testosterone pushed me forward.  I decided to take the direct route (74) home, up over the mountain.  It’s a healthy climb on a good day, but I figured if I just kept moving, I could do it.

Coming down the other side, I pulled in to this tiny roadside stand and bought a bottle of water and a Pepsi.  I don’t like really sweet drinks, but I figured the shot of pure sugar would help me rally – it did.  Another 10 miles and two good climbs, and I pulled into the garage.

Two large glasses of chocolate milk (supposedly great for recovery), a shower, and a longer than usual nap; and I’m no worse for wear today.  A little too much sun, but no worse for wear.

So next time, I’m taking a map.

Misc. Miles: 2.9

Distance: 61.1 miles  2010: 581.9


4 responses to “Ride Report: 06.19.10

  1. Awesome……I can only imagine the confusion on the roadies faces.

    • The first one especially was caught off guard. He was coming down a hill with a turn at the bottom and took it wide. He had to correct to avoid me, and gave me quite the FU look. I can only imagine what would have happened had I been driving a car – he’d be a hood ornament.

  2. Taking wrong turns seems to have been the hip thing to do over the last couple of weeks. It’s happened to me and I have read blogs about the phenomenon. Must be a half moon or something.

    Big match in SA tomorrow. Could be a knockout game for US or England.

    • In my case, it’s from exploring an area where I have little knowledge of the roads or landmarks, so one wrong turn tends to compound into a real mess.
      I’ve been a little dissapointed with the level of play so far. I think the US is doing well, but not as good as they are capable – they need to gel more as a squad.
      As for the officiating….the only thing I like is that they appear to be issueing yellow cards judiciously enough to stop some of the theatrics and keep the focus on good ball.

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