I’ve become a major stockholder in a Canadian Viagara manufacturing concern…

Not really, but someone or something managed to get into my contacts list and has been bombarding my friends and associates with viagara spam.  I didn’t even get any free samples.

Many have been helpful enough to notify me, most probably had their spam filters pick them up, and some are wondering “What is doc up to now?”  So, I’ve changed my password and hopefully that will remedy the matter, at least until I forget my new password; then I have a new problem…

Sorry for any excitement this may have caused, and let me know if you would like a bulk discount.

One response to “Entrepreneurship

  1. I’m currently cleaning up a computer owned by a minister’s wife that is *completely* plastered with porn and every search leads to a porn site.

    Needless to say, she was kinda rattled and has no idea how she got infected.

    She is probably in her mid 70’s….I don’t think she was browsing places where she shouldn’t have.

    I guessing she opened up an infected email attachment……I think Microsoft should disable the “forward” button on all email programs for anyone over the age of 60.

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