Glad to Be Here!

I made the mistake last night of cleaning out my Civic.  I wiped down the plastic with Armorall and vacuumed the seats and floor mats.

Then about twenty minutes later I’m sitting at an intersection, minding my own business, when two other cars attempted to occupy the same space.  They avoided a collision, but one of the cars then skidded across the intersection into you know who.

There was a momentary blip in the time/space continuim, because everything went into slow motion and I saw it coming.  Everything except my butt, which I was able to move over to the center console before the door moved about 4 inches.

My two sons were in the car, and no worse for wear; and the expensive guitar in the trunk was unscathed.  My left shoulder is a little sore from where the seat banged into it, or it banged into the seat, but I’ll be fine.

So I’m bummed about probably losing my ghetto city commuter, but grateful to be alive.  Had it been an SUV instead of a smaller Saturn, they’d be putting the second date on my tombstone.

Moral – be very careful after cleaning out an old car.

3 responses to “Glad to Be Here!

  1. Glad to hear everyone and everything is alright.

    • Thank you. We were very fortunate. My shoulder was pretty sore yesterday, and Ave was complaining about his calf, which I think was jabbed by the gear shift, but I’m feeling almost 100% today.
      I noticed driving yesterday that I was a little more tense than usual. A weekend of riding and camping should take care of that.

  2. Yeoww! Glad no one was majorly hurt. Still scary, though …

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