Ride Report: 05.18.10

I went out last evening for another fitness ride, trying to build up some stamina for this weekend with a loaded ride.  While my legs were a bit stiff from last night, I still felt I could manage some hills if I kept the gearing low.  I decided to go out past Pinchot and head south, following one of the original routes that I had planned for this weekend; just to see how the hills looked.

Instead of rain, it was just a tad misty, and a little cooler.  Once I got past the big hills at the beginning of the ride, it seemed like I was going downhill for several miles.  While quite enjoyable, I actually got a little concerned that my ride back might not go so well.  That prompted me to limit the distance before turning around, but I was able to take a nice break along the bank of the Codurus Creek and munch on a Powerbar.

There were two hills on the return where I dropped down to the granny and just spun, but it really wasn’t that bad.  I could have kicked myself for not taking along my camera, because I came within ten feet of a very young red fox.  I spotted him on Quaker Meeting Road up ahead kind of darting out into the road and back, thinking at first it was a cat.  As I got closer, he took off for the bushes along the side, but sat there checking me out as I rode by.  I didn’t see his mother anywhere, and I guess he was too young to know any better.

As I was coming back on Rt. 177 there was a state trooper with radar set up at the entrance to the state park.  I was doing a blistering 14mph as she waved and smiled.

I’m getting stoked for this weekend.  The bike needs lubed and gear needs packed.  This morning Joe Calhoun speculated that the weekend looks “promising” and that the predicted storm headed this way will probably peeter out to just an overnight shower.  Otherwise, slightly overcast, temps in the 70’s in the day, 60’s at night, and low wind.  Perfect riding conditions.

Distance: 24.6 miles  2010: 385


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