Prepping for Codorus S24O

Supposedly the big appeal of an S24O is that you can do it with a lack of planning and preparation – just a kind of spontaneous experience.  That’s fine, but I’m not really there yet, this trip will most likely go beyond 24 hours, and I’m still wrestling with mapping out a safe and manageable route.

Route A entails riding down through Abbotstown and Hanover, which involve some well trafficked roads.  I’m not crazy about a couple of loaded bikes on roads with narrow berms and cars whizzing by at 60 mph, but if we have too…

Route B shows some promise of better roads at roughly the same distance, this time going down to Spring Grove and then south west into the park.  The problem is that I have yet to scope out the route to see if it is as good as it looks on the map.

Route C is a contingency, where if the weather looks threatening, like the hailstorm I drove through last Friday, we could drive to one of the parking lots on the Heritage Rail Trail, bike to Seven Valleys, and take a southerly route into the park.  That also cuts the distance in half and eliminates traversing the ridge that runs north of Route 30.

But sometimes you just have to damn the torpedoes and go for it.  I’m hoping to get started early afternoon this Saturday for between 3 – 4 hours of riding so long as we don’t kill ourselves, and then hanging out at the campground early enough to set up, eat, shoot the breeze, and check out the sites.  We can take our time Sunday morning, and venture back home whenever.

So far the Sloth is in, and both Bone and Dave have expressed interest.  And since Bre established the precedent of Saturday night visitors, I suppose we’ll have to allow that.

So…all are welcome, the campsite is reserved and paid for, and I’m going to lose 20 pounds by Friday so I can climb hills at ease.  If you’re interested, drop a comment and we’ll work out the logistics.


18 responses to “Prepping for Codorus S24O

  1. 20 pounds by Friday, huh? Me, too.

  2. I’m in. Lemme know if we’re doing the rail trail version. I’ll bring the roadster in that case, and see if it’s really possible to go camping out of a Carradice Camper.

  3. I can’t let you one-up me. If you you bring the roadster, I’ll ride the Collegiate. This almost calls for tweedy regalia.

  4. Looks like there’s 12 miles of road between the rail trail and the campsite. I’ll be pushing up the hills *and* down them with only a rear drum brake 🙂

  5. Mine has steel rims. Factor in a fat guy with a camping load and the rain in the forecast, and I might as well not have brakes.

  6. Just a thought… If I were to ride down to the RT on Saturday and meet up with you guys at one of the parking lots, could I hitch a ride home from there on Sunday?

  7. That would be ok with me, but the only tray I have for my roof rack would mean you’d have to take off your front wheel, and maybe even front rack to get it on the roof.

  8. I was kinda planning to meet at your house and hadn’t quite considered the logistics of getting from there to the RT. D’oh!

    • Yeah, I might have gotten ahead of things. It’s no problem for me to drive from my place to the RT on Saturday. I’ve got either my Civic with a rear rack; or my truck with a hitch rack that can carry all three bikes. Either way, I’m sure we can work it out.

  9. If we get off the RT just north of Glenn Rock, it’s sort of flattish…

  10. That makes for 25 miles if we depart from the trail head in downtown York. Works for me. I guess I need to consider mounting the GDB.

    • I’m not sure having cars parked overnight in downtown York is a good idea. Maybe we should go to Brillhart Station.

  11. The nice thing about an S24O is it is what you make of it. Want to plan every detail? Go for it. Want to grab your stuff and go, with no plan whatsoever? Why not?

    Hope you guys have a great trip!

  12. If you start riding now you can probably join us.

    On a related note, yesterday’s weekend forecast called for rain. My old, cheap, leaky blue tent just isn’t suitable for anything, much less rain. So I ordered a new Spitfire. The forecast looks sunny and mild now. You guys can thank me later.

  13. still says 60% chance of rain. This doesn’t bode well for my camping-out-of-a-carradice experiment.

  14. I got the 1 person tent. Sorry.

  15. It seems to be changing almost hourly. Now it’s down to 40%.

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