Ride Report: 05.10.10

It’s been a tough month weather-wise to try to get any riding in.  The wind died down last night, so I went out for a brief spin after dark.

Misc. Miles: 5

Distance: 8.2 miles  2010: 336.8


2 responses to “Ride Report: 05.10.10

  1. Hi. I’ve been able to feel better lately knowing that even the bike bloggers I read have been having a hard time getting out due to weather, etc. and that my mileage does not look too bad compared to these icons of biking. Imagine my surprise when I saw your mileage increase to 800+ in one week. Now I am sooooo depressed again… :-]

    I live in Etters. I’m sure I’ve seen you around although, when possible, I try to ride between Shiremanstown and Newville, esp. near Boiling Springs…..to avoid the hills around here. Due to circumstances (my son switching schools), I may have to begin to ride more around our area this summer. So, maybe I’ll see you on the roads.

  2. My goodness, no wonder my legs were sore! Thanks for pointing out my typo.

    Boiling Springs/Mt. Holly/Newville is a great area for riding. I’m hoping to get over that way again this summer for a few good rides.

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