“An object at rest tends to stay at rest.”  That thought kept going through my head last night as I was sitting in our family room.  It had been cool and breezy all day, with gusts up to 25mph.  That had me in a frame of mind that I would not be able to get in a ride.  But around 7:00pm or so I noticed that the wind was dying down and it was actually looking pretty nice.

But because I had a few little things to do around the house, I only thought about getting in a ride at dusk; rather than actually doing it.  I really need to get out of this rut.

And that’s what I’m going to do.  The forecast calls for temps to get close to 80F this Friday, so I’m taking the day off and going for a ride.  Right now I’m looking at the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail.  I haven’t been on that since it was extended into Lebanon.  I could give Red a ride into work and then drive over to Lebanon, and then do a nice, relaxed, end to end and get back with plenty of time to pick her up.  Should be 50 miles or so.  Might even pack my stove and some lunch.  I need this.


3 responses to “Lethargy

  1. 50 miles…..nice 🙂

  2. When I ride like that, I have taken along a book and the local newpaper’s crossword. It has helped to pass the time while cooking or eating.

    Have fun on the ride.

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