She’s Back!

This old Cannondale has had so many lives, it could give a cat a run for its money.  With moving wheels and tires around to different bikes, I decided to give these a try.  First, the 130mm rear axle is a bit on the narrow side of 130, so it was able to slide into the 126mm rear on the frame without too much convincing.  Also, the 32c tires fit with ample clearance in the rear triangle.

All that, and the 45mm Planet Bike fenders slid in with a little tweek here and there, returning the old girl to her grocery bike configuration and clearing out the parts bin.  I never thought I’d use those 600 series downtube shifters again.

It’s fun to ride, but the narrower tires and oversized aluminum tube frame transmit a lot of the road.  I wouldn’t want to do any significant distance with it, but a cruise around the neighborhood, or a low key family outing will be just fine.

So I’ve noticed that Cyclofiend doesn’t have any Cannondales in the Current Classics Section…’might have to change that.

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