S24O Pack List

S24O Pack List

I had to chuckle a little when I read Jim Thill’s post about those who spend all their time pouring over internet blogs in preparation for bike camping; and then never do it.  I, at least, have the first part down.  I’m a man of lists.  I even carry electronic gadgets to help me keep track of my lists.  So it would have been hard for me not to embark on a new adventure without pouring over internet blogs, with their lists, and not construct my own.

The attached is my list for this weekend.  I know…it’s a little overkill, but my thoughts are that this weekend is a shake down cruise for things to come; so I’m taking a lot more than what I will need.  For instance, there is a source of clean water close by, so I could leave the Steripen at home.  The Primus stove could be replaced with something smaller, or nothing at all, but it’s one of those comforts that will make the trip that much more enjoyable – and I love gadgets.

All told, the load comes to 28 pounds packed, with a two pound margin of error depending on what clothing I decide to add.  It’s going to be a chilly night at water’s edge, and this is the first I’ll use the Big Agnes setup, so I might take some longjohns for a safety factor.

After we got home from baseball last night, I loaded everything and did some more cruising, just to get a feel for the load and how to take hills.  I can now understand those who say the LHT rides better loaded than not loaded.  I won’t go that far, but I will say that the Trucker doesn’t mind the weight.

I’ve got a Pine Car Derby and a scrimmage on Saturday, after which I’m going to hit the road.  I know, because it’s on my list.


3 responses to “S24O Pack List

  1. Day after tomorrow, right? I guess I ought to get my stuff together.

  2. Well, you are the Sloth…

  3. I’m looking forward your follow up and post about overpacking. We all do it and we are usually surprised at how much stuff we never use.

    Have a fun trip. I know your going to love it.

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