Cool Stuff: Spenco Gloves

My riding gloves go way back to the first time I got back into cycling (Cannondale days) and have served me well.  But age and wear had taken their toll and I noticed some custom ventilation opening up where it wasn’t intended, and spelled an eminent end in site.  This was sad, considering how much sweat and snot had made its way onto the little terrycloth patches, and how the water turned black whenever I would give them their annual rinsing in the kitchen sink.  Ahh, the memories.

So on a recent visit to Pedal Pushers I mentioned this to Ted, and he escorted me to the back of the store where they have a good selection.  The Spencos stood out for a few reasons: Price was reasonable at around $30, I’ve always liked the hemp braiding, and they have extra thick gel padding on the palms.

That last feature seals the deal with these gloves.  I have self-diagnosed myself as having intermittant carpal tunnel in both wrists.  Years of playing drums, lifting weights, rowing, and splitting firewood have caused flareups in recent times where riding on the hoods is uncomfortable.  If you look at the palms, there is a really nice thick pad at the base of the thumb that cushions my hands perfectly and prevents any pain from shooting down into my wrists.

I’ve had them for a few weeks now, with a few longish rides.  They are holding up well.

Ted asked me to tell him what I thought of them, but I forgot last time I was there.  Highly recommended: Spenco Gloves.


2 responses to “Cool Stuff: Spenco Gloves

  1. I’m actually in the market for some gloves right now, and I’ve had in mind that I’d like some kind of mesh. These look perfect! Thanks for the timely review.

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